Sunday Video Love: Save Me

Sunday, February 25, 2018

This is Day 3 of my allergy patch testing and my back is ragingly itchy, but under no circumstance can I scratch it and it is driving me crazy. Add to the fact that I can't shower until the patches are taken off tomorrow, this really sums up my mood right now. Different context, but same sentiment. (At least they can dance all cool. And shower afterwards. Also, side note, this video was entirely shot in one take. How badass is that?)

Photolog 2018: 55 of 365

Saturday, February 24, 2018

I had allergy patch testing done for my hand eczema yesterday, which means I can't shower for three days. (Well, I can't wet my upper body for three days because the patches are all taped to my back.) Anyway, that means I'm hibernating until Monday (when the patches are taken off) because there's no way that I'm going out and not showering after coming home. That also means I am left to fend for myself because I even refuse to leave the house to get food. Hence, instant ramen and frozen dumplings for dinner. And you know what, it was actually pretty good, despite my "home cooking" to be comparable to that of a college student. (Notice the lack of greens.)

Saturday Nine: The Love Club (2013)

This week's Saturday Nine:

  1. Lorde has said this song is about a time when she fell into "a bad crowd." Her high-maintenance new friends were all about their romantic dramas and it overwhelmed her. Have you ever had a friend who was just too much work? Oh, for sure. When I was in my early 20s, I had this one friend who was always negative, always starting drama, and ended up being a two-faced backstabber. Needless to say, I cut her off. I haven't talked to or seen her since. (If I cut you off, you don't exist to me. Yes, I'm that bitch.)

  2. She sings that she longs to be alone. Where do you go when you want peace and quiet? My bathroom. It's the one place where no one can bother me and I can avoid the outside world.

  3. Lorde credits her mother for encouraging her verbal skills. "Mum" let her join a theatre class when she was just 5 and was always giving her books. Tell us about an encouraging, understanding adult who assisted you when you were growing up. My mom. She kinda let me choose my own path, which is a big deal if you're Chinese. My dad was busy being the breadwinner, so my mom made most of the day-to-day decisions for me and my brother. In retrospect, she gave me a lot of freedom when I was younger; I started taking the subway by myself in Grade 7, and I was allowed to go downtown every weekend in high school, and she let me go to rock concerts on school nights. (I told her about this recently, and she was like, "Why did I let you do that? I gave you too much freedom.") And when I was deciding on university, she didn't care what I studied so long as I enjoyed it. She didn't give me a hard time with grades. And when I hated what I was studying in university, she asked me what I really wanted to do with my life. And I said makeup artistry. And she said, "Fine, then go to school for it, get your diploma, and be a makeup artist." She didn't even hesitate.

  4. Lorde is not the only celebrity from her class at Belmont School in Auckland, New Zealand. Olympian Eliza McCartney was a classmate who went on to win a bronze medal in Rio for the pole vault. Did you participate in any sports in high school? Dear god, no.

  5. Lorde wrote music for one of the Hunger Games soundtracks. Have you seen any of the Hunger Games movies, or read any of the books? I read all the books when they first came out, and watched the first movie. I do think if I hadn't read the books, I would've enjoyed the movies. But the thing about book-to-film adaptations is that if I've already read the book, I have this vision of how everything is supposed to be (from how the characters look to the setting of every scene to the soundtrack of important moments), so if the movie deviates from that vision or leaves out significant parts of the book, I'm left sad and disappointed. Which is how Hunger Games was for me. The worst, however, was the Divergent series. That book series was so dear to my heart, and the movie franchise really fucked it up.

  6. Her favourite candy is Peanut M&M's. Do you prefer Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Almond, Mint or Crispy M&M's? I like both Peanut and Almond. These nut options are actually why I've always preferred M&M's to Smarties.

  7. When Lorde was on stage at Lollapalooza, a sudden storm interrupted her set. The music festival was evacuated and her performance was cancelled. Can you think of a time when the weather had a major impact on your plans? There was an ice storm in 2015 that impacted almost everyone living in Southern Ontario. Businesses and malls were closed, half the city had no power, trees had fallen down in the middle of main roads causing a clusterfuck of traffic... Suffice it to say, it impacted my plans.

  8. Random question: Please complete this sentence — Before I leave the house, I always ______________. Remember to check that I have my phone, wallet, and cigarettes in my purse.

Photolog 2018: Day 54 of 365

Friday, February 23, 2018

Out of excitement and impatience, I had ordered the unofficial BT21 42cm cushions back in December before the official ones were released, and shortly thereafter, I really regretted not waiting for the official ones because I'm someone who appreciates authenticity. (It's the same reason I will never buy counterfeit designer bags. I'd rather save up to get the real shit.) Also because it took an entire month for that order to arrive (I guess this is what "free worldwide shipping" entails). So I decided to get the 30cm cushions from an authentic seller on eBay. They arrived today (despite paying a fairly hefty shipping fee, they got here within a few business days), and I could immediately see the vast differences between the "official" and "unofficial" merch. Firstly (and most importantly for collectors), the official ones always come with tags featuring the official holographic sticker, and are fully sealed (so you have to actually tear the seal to get to the product). Secondly, the official cushions come in matching character dust bags. (A nice touch that I wasn't expecting.) Thirdly, the cushions look exactly like their cartoon counterparts, as they are supposed to. I've noticed that the unofficial ones have something a little off about them — the colour of the fabric, the features are a different size than the original character, the placement of the features is out of proportion, etc. I will still use the 42cm ones as couch cushions when I move later on this year, but if there's one thing I learned from this, it's that it's always worth the higher price tag to get the authentic merch.

Friday Five: Korea Guidance

This week's Friday Five:
  1. What would be a better name for the colour of goldenrod-coloured paper? Sunflower.

  2. Where did you get your silverware? There's a mix of silverware in my house. Some of it is from when I was a kid. But the most recent cutlery I bought is from President's Choice.

  3. It is a weird tradition in America (and possibly elsewhere) for parents to have their children’s baby shoes bronzed.  What artifact from this past week would you have bronzed as a keepsake and heirloom? From this past week, probably nothing. But my dad found my baby tooth when he was moving stuff out of our storage unit a couple months ago. It was still in an envelope addressed to the tooth fairy. I might have bronzed that as a keepsake. That having been said, I don't know anyone that has had anything bronzed, so it might actually be an America-centric thing.

  4. What was the most recent ceremony you attended? My brother's wedding last September.

  5. What east Asian cuisine is good for your Seoul? Since I'm actually on a Korean food kick right now, I'm gonna say Korean. But I would say, generally, noodle soup from any east Asian cuisine is good for your soul (Seoul).

Photolog 2018: Day 53 of 365

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tteok-mandu-guk (dumpling soup with sliced beef and rice cakes) at Owl of Minerva for dinner this evening because I've just been craving all the Korean food lately. Also, I'm kinda obsessed with radish kimchi.

Photolog 2018: Day 52 of 365

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My clothes will smell for days but Korean BBQ is always worth it.

Photolog 2018: Day 51 of 365

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

More BT21 hoodies arrived today! (If a some of these look familiar, it's because I also got a couple of these designs in the short-sleeved tees and later decided that I needed all the sweatshirts, too, 'cause hi, I live in Canada and it gets fucking cold here.) Is it bad that I've bought so much BT21 stuff that I almost forgot I ordered these?